Yeah I know, I haven't been on to blog in a really long time. Guys I am not going to lie, everything has been slowed down a lot ! But thats not going to stop me from using my time wisely. But really, things are slowed down because of the effects of hurricane Sandy. I do a lot of my work in New Jersey and New York and to get to NYC I usually take the subway which we now know are pretty damaged. Thought I'd give you guys an update on what I am currently doing though. I'm writing (of course what a typical answer I'm an artist I'm obviously not traveling to another planet...) but I'm also helping to plan a benefit for victims in Long Island (to explain, my Dean at my school is from Long Island and we wanted to actually see where our money is going.. thus Long Island). It's a benefit concert so if you know anyone near Reading PA Let them know! I'll announce the official date soon but we're thinking the 29th of November. 

I'm also in college and working on my schooling for Music Business (You gotta know your stuff..) so I get busy with that, but don't worry that will not take me away from you!

By the way the single is soooo close to being done! Thank you guys for being so patient and for your support.

Follow your dreams my friends <3 
Kristina Perez
Hey guys-
Recently had an interview with the Westfield Patch (the news updates from my hometown!) (Link below and on my home page..)

I had a great time revisiting my high school and discussing my journey so far. I know there is a lot more to come :)

ALSO my single is coming out soon! Can't say an actual date yet but as soon as I know so will you! The song is forever and it will be featuring Sarkodie! Hope y'all are excited because I sure am!


-Kristina Perez
Hey guys here's some links to some of the articles that I'm being shown on! *some are the same article but i want to give the people credit! :)’s-first-international-artist-kristina-perez-to-release-debut-single-featuring-sarkodie

thats some of the many! 

look out for another article coming out on the westfield patch <3

Kristina Perez
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