What's up it's Kristina Perez. I'm super excited to be working again and I am so happy that my dreams are finally within my reach. Enough with the fluff, here goes guys.. I don't want to give you anything that isn't completely true about myself. So since this is my first personal blog post, I wanna tell you who I am so you understand; I am a crazy driven girl who has always wanted to sing and inspire people. I've had my heart broken but I have broken hearts as well. My music is my life, my suffering, my salvation. If you have ever felt heartbroken, alone, hated, loved, misunderstood.. I will be your outlet, I will make it my goal to make you feel like there is someone out there to inspire you, help you, to make you feel happy. I believe in letting people feel free and exhilarated. So when it comes out, listen to my music. Join the adventure, have the best time of your life, enjoy the little things. Just enjoy and live my friends. Right now I'm working hard to get everything out to you guys as soon as possible. Hold tight! I won't let you down <3 

Love you guys!
Kristina Perez

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